What are the differences in use between Water Generators and Steam Generators?
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Generators have allowed people around the world to generate power on micro and macro scales in several environments, saving them costs and offering a level of convenience that not many technologies can offer. Water generators and steam generators are two examples of such innovative technologies that just keep on getting better as time passes, but what sets these two machines apart?

Steam generators

In micro scale applications, steam generators are devices used to convert liquid water into steam using a heat source, usually combustion fuel like coal or gasoline. In macro operations, such as in power plants, the steam generated from these machines is used to generate electricity by spinning huge turbines that generate electric currents.

In domestic applications, steam generators achieve the same results but on a much smaller scale of electricity generation. All in all, they can be used for your home, business, campsite or in any other situation that requires mobile electricity generation.

Water generators

Water generators, commonly referred to as atmospheric water generators (AWG), are devices that are used to extract water from humid and moist air. The water vapour in the air is extracted using a condensation process in which the air is cooled below its dew point and is exposed to desiccants.

Unlike humidifiers, water generators are designed to be portable, allowing users to transport it.

As with steam generators, AWGs require a significant input of energy to produce the final product. Some AWGs are extremely preservative by using natural temperature differences and thus requiring no energy input.

The bottom line?

Water and steam generators are completely different devices used to accomplish different things but are both effective in their own right. If you would like to learn more about these devices, or you’d like to own one yourself, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!