Buhle Waste’s general waste division is the original, longest-standing division in the company. The division remains a cornerstone of the company’s operations. Currently, we are involved in both municipal and private contracts where we manage waste from households, schools, and businesses, maintaining a high level of service delivery throughout the country. Our operations include on-site waste management, recycling initiatives, as well as the removal of rubble and construction waste.


Buhle Waste (Pty) Ltd. specializes in Medical Waste Management servicing various Government and Private Facilities across the country; most notably, we have contracts with the Free State, Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and North-West departments of Health to not only collect and dispose of the medical waste generated by the provinces’ hospitals and clinics but also to train the medical facilities’ personnel on the appropriate methods to segregate and handle medical waste.


Buhle Waste (Pty) Ltd. collects and transports chemical waste on a nationwide basis. With the South African National Blood Services (SANBS) and National Health Laboratory Services (NHLS) as a major client in this sector, we are able to provide an effective chemical waste management service to laboratories and other chemical-generating institutions throughout the country.


Buhle Waste, in partnership with Technetium, has the most comprehensive tracking technology in the waste industry. We can provide our clients with live tracking technology of their waste containers and the waste itself. All containers are issued with a unique barcode identifying (ID) number which is used to identify one container from another. This barcode can then be scanned at any location country-wide. The scanned information is then uploaded via the scanner’s built-in GPRS (cell-phone data transfer) engine and transmitted over the existing national cellular network infrastructure to a dedicated Data Collection Server that does initial collation and parsing of data. This data is then sorted by the Tracking Database Server. Once stored in the Tracking system, the information is processed and made available immediately on the Tracking web site and for reporting purposes. The Tracking System allows for the tracking of the physical location and state of a waste container, by country/region/facility, utilizing the movement (and optionally asset state) information, provided by the barcode scanner. Once the container reaches the end of its life cycle, the scanning system then produces a report of its appropriate treatment and subsequent disposal and a safe destruction certificate is issued. This certificate is both in digital and physical form and can be accessed by Buhle Waste and each client. This digital certificate is recognised by the Department of Environmental Affairs as an appropriate certificate of safe destruction of HCRW. This system is one-of-a-kind in the country and has been recognised by the Department of Science and Technology as a revolutionary system through its application in multiple spheres of operations.