Poor management of healthcare waste potentially exposes workers and communities at large to infections, injuries and risks polluting the communities as well as the environment. As such, the healthcare risk waste (HCRW) training course will focus on the most important aspects of the management of healthcare risk waste such as the correct identification of the waste, followed by classification, segregation, collection and minimization. It is vital that all medical waste materials are segregated at the point of being appropriately treated and disposed of safely.

The topics that are covered in HCRW training

  • Legal aspects and legal requirements to open a HCRW business
  • All aspects of HCRW management
  • Waste Management Planning
  • Containers and separation of waste streams
  • Costing and Price Strategy

Pre-requisites for the course:
It is advisable that learners:

  • Have a Matric Certificate.
  • Can speak, read, write in English to NQF 4 level

Benefits of the training:
The topics presented will provide individuals with the necessary knowledge and information to successfully start a new and compliant HCRW business. In addition, delegates will have access to a specialist within the respective discipline.