Environmentally friendly waste disposal: Why is it important?
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Whether it’s for a large commercial property or a household of 3 people, we all have to meet certain standards to dispose of our waste in an environmentally friendly manner. There is now legislation in place which requires all waste producers to dispose of it carefully and safely. In this blog, we will look at the importance of environmentally friendly waste disposal.

Reduces the overall levels of pollution

Many people largely associate carbon emissions with cars and airplanes, but it should be understood that landfill gases are a significant contributor. Reckless waste management that releases methane and carbon monoxide can be harmful to the air around the site. Through various recycling and eco-friendly waste disposal methods, we can reduce the intensity of these gases and amount of carbon emissions significantly.

Creates a healthier environment

Following safe and environmentally friendly waste disposal methods reduces the amount of harmful pollutants released into the air.  This makes the surrounding areas much safer for both humans and animals to breathe in, and will lead to less diseases spreading in the long-term.

Recycling uses minimal energy and reduces deforestation

Effective waste management doesn’t require as much energy. Recycling also means that discarded paper waste can be remade into new items, reducing the need to cut down more trees.

If you can repurpose or ‘upcycle’ any items around your home in any way, do it. If everyone did this on a regular basis, millions of trees could be saved, and energy could be conserved.

There are some items which can’t be recycled, but you can encourage more eco-friendly production by limiting your purchase of these kind of goods. You can begin your contribution to the environment in the shopping aisles at your local grocery store. Steer clear of items with lots of plastic packaging. Get a canvas shopping bag rather than using plastic bags and invest in a good water bottle rather than getting single-use bottles.

If more consumers refuse to purchase items that are non-recyclable, consumer good companies will be less incentivised to produce them. This will lead to more recycling and more eco-friendly waste disposal all around.