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When it comes to getting rid of waste materials and substances, many people don’t realise the importance of using the right waste disposal apparatus. While regular citizens can trust in common disposal bins and trash cans, medical professionals who need to dispose of medical waste rely on a medical waste bin for their medical waste.

Common waste bin

Often made from hard plastics or metal mesh, common waste bins are designed to hold common waste such as leftover food and fruit peels, packaging, tissues, and damaged/broken household items for days or moths until collection by a waste management company. Many common waste bins have open tops or require people to handle the lids with their hands when opening them.

Medical waste bin

Medical waste bins are also made from hard plastics but are designed to contain hazardous and infections materials by allowing medical professionals the ability to access then without handling them with their hands. Rather, many of them include foot pedals that people can use to open the lids. Others include locks on them to securely hold medical waste until collection.

The differences between the two


Most common waste bins often require users to open the lids using their hands, an action that exposes them to contamination of any bacteria that may be lingering on the bins. Most medical waste disposal bins on the other hand are designed to prevent this sort of handling by allowing users to lift the lids using foot pedals.


While common waste bins are meant to contain waste that do not carry infectious waste, such as common household rubbish, medical waste bins are designed to contain items that are possibly infectious and need to be treated with utmost caution. Things like surgical gloves, used medicines and personal protective equipment need to be properly contained after usage – medical waste disposal bins allow medical professionals to do just that.


Safety is the highest priority with medical waste bins, for both medical and waste management professionals. While common waste bins don’t need to comply to this necessity, medical waste bins do. Besides their disseminating from regular bins using colours that indicate the hazardous materials, medical waste bins also make use of pad locks that prevent both unauthorised access as well as the lids from opening without intervention.