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Buhle Waste focuses on integrated waste management services by combining the medical expertise with the technical aspects of environmental cleanliness and preservation.

We are innovators at heart with a passion to ensure sustainability for the entire ecosystem. With an indistinguishable set of competencies and resources at our disposal, Buhle Waste is a reliable choice of environmental sustainability for a versatile range of contexts and industries.

Our organisation has a combination of 20 years of waste management experience, 70 trucks of fleet and logistics capacity as well as 350 dedicated employees country wide.

The waste management service offering can be categorised as follows:

  1. General waste management services which remains the cornerstone of the operations and industrial activities.
  2. Medical waste disposal services and collaboration with the public and private sector.
  3. Chemical waste services that includes the collection and transportation on a national basis
  4. Waste Tracking is a formidable service offering from Buhle Waste which utilises the most technologically advanced techniques to track resources and wastage with live tracking technology from waste containers and the actual waste itself.

Additional services available from Buhle Waste Management includes, but is not limited to Health Care Risk Waste, General and Domestic Waste, Hazardous waste disposal, Industrial and commercial waste as well as HCRW Training and Hygiene and Sanitation services.

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