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3 Reasons waste disposal is an essential service

Waste disposal is one of the most important factors in waste management. It is a process that prevents the unnecessary build-up of waste that can be […]

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Reasons to use Buhle Waste

Buhle Waste focuses on integrated waste management services by combining the medical expertise with the technical aspects of environmental cleanliness and preservation.

Why is recycling important?

Recycling is a method of green living that is very beneficial to the environment. It’s a form of waste management that involves processing used materials and […]

What are the Health Risks of Waste Management?

Since the beginning of time, the waste management industry has been continuously evolving. This is not just owing to the newer technology being incorporated into the […]

3 Simple Waste Removal Solutions

While the abstract idea of minimizing one’s waste can be overwhelming, a great place to start is within the comfort of your own home. Waste removal […]