3 Simple Waste Removal Solutions
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While the abstract idea of minimizing one’s waste can be overwhelming, a great place to start is within the comfort of your own home. Waste removal solutions can be improved by little changes such as switching to cloth bags instead of plastic ones or making a concerted effort to recycle cans and bottles – this can make a huge difference in your waste output. Let’s look at a few simple waste removal solutions.

Get to know the rules of recycling

Don’t be intimidated by the complicated symbols and sorting rules. Navigating the recycling system is actually quite simple once you do a little research; as you know, recycling standards vary from place to place, find out the specific rules for your area.

While it is better to implement reusable packaging in your home wherever possible, recycling is the next best option and it will prevent excess waste from heading for the landfill.

Get rid of the plastic bags

One of the simplest ways to reduce the amount of waste you produce is to use reusable bags while shopping. Instead of relying on your supermarket’s plastic bags, bring your own cloth ones to pack up your items and tote them home. Keeping additional bags in the trunk of your car or in your car door is an easy way to ensure that you don’t forget them at home.

Use reusable

Once you start buying only what you need, take it a notch higher by sorting food properly, which will extend its life and keep perishables fresh for as long as possible. Invest in some quality airtight containers for things like baking ingredients, cereals, and other things that can stale quickly. If you buy loose food items from farmer’s markets or bulk bins at stores like Woolies, reusable containers are especially important to have in your kitchen.