Buhle Waste

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As a leader in the collection, treatment and disposal of medical and biohazardous waste, we help ensure maximum infection control throughout the entire process.


Buhle Waste disposal service provides complete custody documentation, which is essential for accountability and regulatory compliance of biohazardous materials.


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Buhle Waste

Medical, HealthCare & Pharmaceutical Waste

We pickup, transport and dispose of Medical, BioHazardous, Pathalogical, Infectious, Pharmaceutical and Sharps waste to licensed destruction facilities.

We can provide both on call and/or scheduled service to meet your needs and reduce costs.

    Hospitals           Doctors             Dentists

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Overview of Service

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Are you looking for a medical waste removal service that stresses compliance, affordability, and reliability?


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Providing proper containers ensures compliance for your workplace, and the safety of your employees and patients.